Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Structure Creates Itself

Have you checked out my new album, The Structure Creates Itself? It's available for free download and streaming at my BandCamp site. It's been done for awhile, actually, but I figured that just maybe I should finally note that fact here.

It's another (mostly) free improvisational jazz/rock album, sort of like 2009's Saturation but with bass and occasional rhythm guitar added to the drums and screaming lead guitar. I'm quite proud of how well it turned out, and the listener response so far has been far more positive than I'd dreamed it would be. In fact, this album has garnered way more positive interest than the more "normal" The February Project did back in February.

I've now released five albums of new material since activating the Council of One project in late 2007, and this blog not too long thereafter. I'm sort of making up for lost time, since I managed to accomplish very little musically during the entire decade of the '90s.

The next album will be a radical departure. I'm interested in the Kosmigroov genre, which is spacey, early '70s electric jazz. To that end, I'm sharpening up my keyboard chops and cleaning up my guitar sound a bit. The results won't be any more mainstream, but will almost certainly be more interesting texturally, with more room to breathe than the frenetic work I've done recently.