Monday, June 25, 2012

Looming Deadlines

Well, now that I haven't updated in a year, and everything I wrote about in my last post in March 2011 is still uncompleted, perhaps I should restart the blog and try to make something of it all.

Musically, I haven't done very much at all in the last year.  Procrastination will always be my enemy.

Last November, we found out that my wife is pregnant with our child, who will be born in late July.  That's less than a month from now, isn't it?  Yikes.

After we found out, I developed grandiose plans to record either (a) my "White Album", a two-disc effort that would blow up the world with its awesomeness, or (b) at least two separate jazz projects, before the baby is born.  Alas, none of that is happening due to procrastination and life getting in the way.

Instead, in the last month I have of unrestrained musical time, I am now recording a humble fusion jazz effort that I can probably finish before the Big Day.  So far, I have one eight-minute jamming "Spectrum"-ish track full of flailing drums, screaming guitars, wild electronic tenor sax, and synthy weirdness, as well as another track of nightmarish Cecil Taylor-style piano stuff.

The next piece I'm mulling over seems to be veering somewhere between Led Zeppelin, PFunk, and Santana, depending on how the little guitar figure I'm working on changes from hour to hour.  I have no idea what it will end up being.  Probably nothing like any of those things.

In fact, that's the operative theme for this entire album:  "I have no idea."  It's too late to plan things out carefully and write intricately crafted music.  I'm just sitting down at the keyboard and nooding away until shit starts happening.  Fortunately, it seems to be.  I'm already very happy with where this album is going.  It'll probably end up sounding like a cross between Human Element and The February Project, since I'm using creative processes from both those albums simultaneously.

If you haven't checked out my music yet, including those two albums, please do so at

I promise to make this blog something other than a dead zone.  We'll see if I can keep that promise.