Saturday, April 8, 2017

New Music!!!

The mixdown of my new album, Profit and Loss, has been a long, difficult process that's now been going on for over three months. It's not done yet, either.

However, I have some exciting new Council of One music for you to chew on while I finish things up!

I've done as many as 20-30 mixes of some of the songs, trying to get them to sound the way I want. I'm not done yet, though I now have the lead-off track finalized. The other recorded tracks are also pretty close to having final mixes/masters.

And guess what? I decided to record two more songs that fit the overall album concept about those folks I've gained and lost in my life over the last five years.

Since this damned thing is taking so long and will need some more cooking, I decided to pursue a different release strategy than the traditional one of "wait 'til everything is done and then spring it on the world in a massive publicity blitz."

That worked well for the record industry when there were, well, records. We're all streaming now, or downloading the tracks we want. I'm not planning to spring for the cost of another box of CD pressings I'll never be able to offload. Maybe I'll change my mind if I get a huge response.

So, I'm going to unveil the songs on YouTube one-by-one over the course of the next few months. When all are done, I'll put the resulting album on my Bandcamp site in downloadable form. Deal?

Okay, with all that said (whew!), here is the non-lyric lyric video for my new song "Profit and Loss," the title track from my forthcoming album. More details described in the video. Enjoy!!