Friday, December 5, 2008


I use tons of distortion on my lead guitar sound. Always have. It's a legacy of my Tony Iommi influence. I was playing around tonight on my Les Paul and actually got the urge to clean up my lead guitar patches on my preamp a little bit. That's a first. I still like a really saturated, heavy guitar sound, but I may have gone a bit far recently. You can hear it on the primary lead guitar on One Day in August. It's all nice and juicy, ala Zappa, but might be a little too fuzzy for its own good. This weekend, I need to spend a little time tweaking the settings in my Axe-FX to gain a little more sonic clarity.

I'm also going to have the Great Gibson SG Dilemma of 2008 resolved by the end of this weekend, as well. I've got a couple of good candidates for the SG I plan to keep around.

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