Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wow, two whole weeks of silence...

Cue the sound of birds chirping...

Didn't mean to take off that long from posting. Haven't had too much going on musically until the past few days.

I saw Airto Moreira and his daughter (with his wife Flora Purim) Diana at Blues Alley on Saturday and Sunday. Nice show. Airto can take a tambourine and a microphone and entertain the hell out of you for way too long. He's also a fantastic drummer and good singer, too. Diana is an awesome singer--she teaches voice at some school in L.A. Flora was supposed to be at these shows, but she's taken ill, unfortunately.

I've got three guitars for sale on eBay (more about them soon), with the possibility of buying something fairly expensive to take their place (and at least one other guitar I'm going to sell). I'd like to get a guitar by master builder John Suhr, and there's one on eBay I've got my eye on. Basically a shredder guitar with a non-locking trem so that I can use my wimpy thin strings without snapping the high E string every time I try to tighten the locknut clamps on a Floyd setup. Haven't decided yet, but I could use a high-quality shred guitar for those times when I want to do the smooth Allan Holdsworth-style playing. Basically, an alto voice to the more robust tenor voice of my Heritage Les Paul.

I haven't recorded a damned thing, but I've been keeping my chops in decent shape. I just haven't been feeling all that inspired to get anything done, lately. It will pass. My New Year's resolution may be a bit over-ambitious, however.

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