Saturday, July 7, 2012

This album is going to kill me

This album I'm working on is beating the crap out of me.  I'm working on the fourth piece, which is a Mahavishnu-like thing, and the mental effort needed to process it all in a short amount of time is wearing me out.  I think it will be worth the effort, though.  It's a piece I've had in mind for several years, and I just couldn't wait any longer to do it.

My initial thought in putting together an album before the birth of my son was to just do some quickie free jazz thing, but I'm just not feeling that at the moment.  Instead, I've embarked on an experiment to see if I can make a genuine fusion album in a month's time.  So far, it's working.  I've got three finished pieces and should finish the Mahavishnu-ish thing today.  That leaves me about two weeks until the baby's due date to complete the three other pieces I have in mind.

It should be downhill from here, though. I want to do a long groove piece, a free jazz tribute to the late Sam Rivers, and re-record most of the parts to an overture thing I've had sitting around on my hard drive for several years.  That's your album, right there.  None of those songs should require the type of intense effort I've had to give to the ones I've done so far.

It's mainly my high level of satisfaction at the work done so far that keeps me going at this point.

Here's a picture of my ramshackle, half-unpacked studio, in case you're interested.


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