Saturday, November 8, 2008

What is this "album" you speak of?

Here are a few thoughts about why I'm doing a blog format instead of the usual musician's web site.

I grew up in the era of the LP. A package that came with a big ol' piece of cardboard artwork in addition to the music. I vividly recall reading all the liner notes to such albums as Moving Pictures by Rush and Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin. The music was the main point, but the package that I bought at the record store was so much more than that.

This was greatly diminished by the arrival of the CD and its shrunken packaging. It has largely disappeared altogether in the age of the iPod.

Problem is, the total experience that I felt contemplating the little pictures in the Physical Graffiti inner sleeve doesn't translate to the era of disposable mp3 music. You kids and your background musical need to be immersed in something bigger and more mysterious.

I'm hoping to create something larger than just a bunch of musical noise. What Led Zeppelin never did was text. Does anyone want prose along with their music? Heck if I know. But it ain't costing you or me a dime, so bear with me. You didn't get to read real-time accounts of the Rolling Stones trying to get it together to record an album did you? So maybe I'm adding some kind of value. Somehow.

The artwork is the final piece of the puzzle. I have a copy of Adobe Illustrator on my computer, along with a bunch of raw artistic ambition. Why create album artwork when you can create song artwork? I'm planning to create some kind of image to go along with each piece of music. One Day in August popped out of my subconscious before I could come up with such a plan, so it will have a plain, yellow-on-black cover, rather than actual artwork.

Speaking of covers, shouldn't I have ordered One Day in August to be pressed into CD packages by now? Maybe I should do that. Or should I? To be continued...

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