Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another February album in the works

Well, if it's February, that it means it's time for another quickie album project!

As with last year's The February Project, I am participating again this year in the RPM Challenge, which is a giant thingy in which thousands of people see if they can record an entire album within the month of February. There are no awards or prizes, just the satisfaction of rushing through an entire recording project in too little time. Well, that and getting a good kick in the ass to start the creative process rolling. Which I badly needed. Since my last blog entry, I hadn't done a damned thing musically except think about it. Not anymore.

My RPM Challenge album this year will be called Hidden Element, and it will be a massive Indo-Fusion party. I've been listening to way too much John McLaughlin and Shakti lately, so I've got tablas on the brain. East meets West.

As the month goes on, I'll give more details about how the album is being made, and how far I've gotten. I also hope to post a rough mix of a track by the end of this weekend, though that may be optimistic. I've got lots of new musical toys that are coming into play for the first time with this project. Hopefully, it's not going to suck.

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