Saturday, February 19, 2011

The sound a blister makes

Can a blister change the sound of an album? Quite possibly.

Last night, in preparation for this weekend, I picked up my fretless and practiced bass for pretty much the first time since I finished my last album in April. Guess what? If you don't play bass very much for 10 months, the calluses on your picking hand go away!

I now have a nasty blister on my index finger that makes it impossible for me to play fingerstyle. It will turn into a nice callus, but maybe not soon enough. I was planning to put some tasty fretless on my piece "The Shining Land," but that might be out the window. Fretless sounds like crap when played with a pick. I may end up substituting some trebly progtastic fretted bass in its place using a pick. Think Chris Squire. Will it work on such a languid, meditative piece? Guess we'll find out.

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