Friday, February 18, 2011

Proof I'm actually recording an album

I just posted two brand-spanking new pieces to SoundClick and to my music player at my RPM Challenge page--the first two songs I've completed for Hidden Element.

Taking a few days off for a New York City vacation seems to have cleared my mental road blocks. I was able to nail the lead guitar part for "Ashoka" very quickly yesterday, and today after work I composed and recorded a little duet for violin and nylon-string guitar called "Pastoral Trance."

Click here to listen to "Ashoka" on SoundClick.

Click here to listen to "Pastoral Trance" on SoundClick.

Here is my RPM Challenge page.

The 'violin' on these pieces is actually a patch on my Roland XV-5080 synth module, played with a keyboard. I sure as hell can't play a real violin! The 'acoustic' guitars are actually my Godin electric played through Roland VG-99 processor. Not a microphone to be found in my little studio.

You may be thinking, "how is this guy possibly going to finish an entire album this month when it's already Feb. 18 and he's only got two songs done???" Well, friends, the other two songs on the album are between 15 and 20 minutes long, so I should be able to finish with little problem. Those songs are also heavy on the tablas, like "Ashoka," but they will feature atmospheric swirls of keyboards, woodwinds, horns, and guitars. One of them is already pretty damned funky.

I've already got the basic tracks for those recorded, and it's time to add the frosting on the cake! This three-day weekend is going to be very interesting...

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