Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Do you have 18 minutes to spare?

If you've got some time available, then take a listen to the new track I just posted, entitled "The Shining Land." It does go on a bit.

It's too long to post at SoundClick, but you can listen to it on the embedded music player at my RPM Challenge page.

It's a completely new thing for me. Not a single second of screaming, distorted guitar, and in fact only a relatively short jazz guitar solo towards the end. The rest of the lead work is all virtual woodwinds, courtesy of my Yamaha WX-5 electronic wind instrument and VX-70 processor. That thing is just way too much fun to play around with. I've got to get better at playing it, but I was able to create some decent fake saxophone, trumpet and flute with it. For future projects, I probably need to tweak the sounds a bit.

Also note the string trio playing the little antiphonal thingy starting at about 10:10 into it. That's pretty much the first real string writing I've ever done. Nothing too crazy.

Now, on to working on the last track for the album, another extended ditty I call "Sati." More about that later.

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